Another Calling All Central Texas Riders, TT Meet at Cherokee CP This Weekend 3/15/08


We will be going to Cherokee again this coming weekend of 3/15/08. I will only be riding on Saturday but TXSandman will be there both days. Get your bikes fixed and make plans to be there if you can. This will be my last chance to get out there for a while.

*I am going to get spanked for putting this in regional but I hoped to get the attention of the uninitiated to CCP. I am going to put further communication in the W2R section, so subscribe to it and come hang out. The riding and traction were unparalleled this last weekend. The weather couldn't have been better.

I was up there last weekend for the first time. Nice place to ride. Seems to have something for everyone. Keep posting future rides, I will try to make one.

i'm sorry i missed it! i'll make the next one. i had a big fel leak and starting issue with the wr. got the fuel leak handled and most of the starting condition repaired. she runs,but she runs wide open. i think i need a throttle cable adjustment. i had the carb off to clean the needle and seat and the jets. ALMOST THERE!

i got the fuel leak fixed but she will only run on the hot start i'll take the carb back out this week i have to work till 1:00 on staurday i'll try to have her ready and i may have a guy from work come with once i get her going. he just got the honda 450 and is dying to ride(me too)

I wish I could. I have work stuff. I'll keep an eye out for the next meet, though.

I will be there on the 22nd. Make sure you guys check out the updated website and forum. There are alot of new rules regarding days, times, and sound restrictions.

not gonna make it this weekend guys she is still not running. i have not had a chance to work on her because...i'm trying to buy my first house:thumbsup:

i will try to make some time this weekend after work to check the carb again. but i have been going to the property and talking with agents for the last two nights. it is in cedar park off 620 really stoked:D really freaked out :eek: really out of my mind not sleeping cann't stop thinging about it:goofy: :thumbsup:

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