Carbs 87/88

Hi,I have 87 xr250r has push/pull throttle i also have as a part's bike 1988 xr250r but it as single throttle cable and the carbs are diffrent is one better then the other?:thumbsup:

They have the same carbs. Sounds like one was replaced at some point. Whether its better or not depends on what it is.

Ditto what XR250rdr said. Both bikes should have the push-pull carb. Are there any numbers, etc... on the 88 carb?


If running right,both are strong,the deal is that the single carb is less complicated to muck with.

Thumper Racing sells a CR single cable throttle for the XR - it sounds like it has one of those on it. I think it gives a quicker turn than the stock throttle. It uses a special throttle cable sold by Thumper Racing.


I willhave to look for a carb # on the 88 and it's throttle is a good.Better than the push/pull onei have now

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