TPS positioning "for the boffs"

I have noticed that the TPS is fitted on a slot which would mean you can rotate it to do its job at slightly different slide positions. I know their are power gains to be made by advancing the timing slightly with the right fuel to avoid pre-detonation.

I'm guessing that the TPS advances the ignition timing as a function of the carb slide opening which would mean the higher the slide = more rpm (usually) = more advanced ignition timing.

My question is could you move the TPS on the slot so that it believes it at a higher slide position than it is therefore advancing the ignition timing throughout the range?

I have never played with the TPS position as I know pre-detonation could be really bad for engine but could this be a simple setting to get more HP?


i would not mess with that unless replacing the tps, heard of people trying to move it thinking they can get more out of engine and all that happens is that runs worse. dont mess with something that isnt causing a problem like the tps my .02cents

hey kawracerx yeah your right i probably wont mess with something that works just fine but i'm curious. do the pro's fiddle with this setting or is it minuscule?

the only thing that could really be gained from adjusting the TPS is throttle response. i dont think it effects the timing enough to make a difference in the rest of the powerband. the only thing it would do is either never see the WOT signal or get it too soon.

it would take alot of testing to find the right voltage that gives the best throttle response though. i know with my car its .989v and the range the factory gives is .8v to 1v.

unless somewhere it tells you the optimum voltage. then set it and be happy. haha

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