Cooling fan with Moose radiator guards

Does anyone have this set-up?

If I remove the fan from its plastic mounting bracket and just mount the fan portion (using 4 screws) to the pre drilled holes in the Moose rad guard it looks like it should work without any issues. At the top of the plastic mounting bracket there are two rectangled holes covered by a thin peice of rubber. Just want to make sure not having the stock base plate will make it less effective.

By removing the plastic surround of the fan it looses its ability to shift as much air through the radiator. The small flaps on the fan shrowd are for excess air.. ie it lets extra air flow through if your traveling fast enough to over ride the fan suction speed.

Hope this helps

Snake is totally right...keep the shroud or it lets the air roll off the tips of the fan and wont do doodlie squat cooling. buz

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