2008 ?

Does anyone could give us some feed back on 2008 model ?

Compare with 05/06/07 for e.g

Slimmer tank, new headlight, steering...? and aboard ?

I love my 08' but can't compare it to an 05, 06, 07, cause I never rode one. I came off an 03' R. Except for being slower, the X is better everywhere.

I ride an 07 and one of my riding buds just got an 08. The new steering angle makes a big difference. The thing turns like a dream. But, the Honda stabilizer is a joke, at least for desert riding. For woods it would probably be okay, but for desert you will still want to put on an aftermarket stabilizer. Then the big question is how the two work together, or whether you just have to remove the Honda unit.

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