Ngk Spark Plug?

Hi there dudes, i was just wondering if any of you are using the new CR8EIX iradium spark plug instead of the oem CR8E? If so any diff in performance or just a trick to sell expensive plugs!!

the main thing with iridium spark plugs is it burns excess fuel and gives a very small amount of boost and they have the urge to last longer than the normal ngk plugs they also have a higher temp melting point which means nothing lol i put them on all my bikes and i have now go a 2002 wr426 and it runs like a dream.

Yep, I run them in my bike and carry a spare. Worth the extra $$ IMO.

I first used 1 on a TTR600 which was a pig to start, Made it a lot easier when hot. Put one on my '06 WR450 when new & replaced it after 12 months as a matter of course. Well worth the money IMO.

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