Brand New KLX450r

We only got the KLX450 in Austrlia about 4 months ago.

I got mine last week, i have a full staintune exhaust system, jetted up, airbox mods and a bash plate.

Mainly was wondering if anyone knows if KX450f tank shrouds will if staight on, they just about the same but not sure.

Also if anyone knows any other mods that are cheap and any problems that may come up, we haven't had them in oz long enough for anyone to know of any problems:thumbsup:

Yes they will!

NO! KXF shrouds will NOT fit a KLXR! They will only fit if you use an IMS 3.2g tank. The bolt closest to the tank fill hole is about 3/4" off.

I 2nd, what fellow TT member Leepic, said,

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