What are these notches in the clutch friction plates for?

I just checked my clutch and noted something I'm not familiar with on the friction plates. On the outer side there's one notch that's about 1/8 deep.

What's it for? Should I install the plates so that the notches line up or is it there to aid lubrication and shouldn't line up as to distribute oil better?

I've never read anything about this so I'd really like some enlightenment!


A clarification was in order and since a picture is worth a thousand words I took off the cover and shot this:


Also, I checked and it's not one notch, it's three notches on every friction plate, my bad, sorry.:thumbsup:

Nothing is mentioned in the workshop manual, I really don't want to mess it up. Please help...

I believe those notches aid in the manufacturing process of the friction plate. There isn't any special installation procedure because of them. Good question though!

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