"R" guys, need advice from an "X" guy

OK, I have an '06 CRF250X and a buddy that is really wanting to buy it. I love the bike, have done some mods, but am considering going to the "08 CRF250R if I sell the X. I am rarely on a track, 80% woods but fast trails. Not too much ultra technical. The weight savings and steering damper are very appealing. I have never needed a headlamp. Will I miss the magic button...oh yes, but I will get over it. Probably will go with Rekluse setup. I am 45, but in pretty good shape for an old man. Most of the guys I ride with are youger and on 2 bangers or moto x bikes and I have no problem keeping up. Am I making the right move? Oh, one more thing...that black is BAD!

No expert here, but it sounds like the X is a perfect fit for what you do.

The R starts so easy the e-start won't be missed. Should work great for what you want to do.

As far as the Rekluse, I'm not a big fan of them on the 250's. Especially if you're not doing any real technical riding or racing. I haven't tried the new Pro version though.

sounds like a good move.

Put a heavier flywheel in there, and you are king.

Sounds like the r will be a great fit for you. I have an x with cam, high comp piston, porting etc. I love the engine but would like a lighter bike also. My battery has been dead for some time now and I have been kicking it, starts easy most of the time.

Get a 9oz flywheel weight and thats the only mod you will need. My wife starts her bike on the first kick 90% of the time and she is 5'8.

I don't think you'll regret it in any sense. The R's are easy to start and much lighter than the "X" obviously.

If you really need a light carry a flashlight. I've been there done that. :thumbsup:

The R starts so easy the e-start won't be missed.

I was changing the oil on mine yesterday and w/ the drain bolt off, went to kick it thru a few times to move some oil. I was working from the right side of the bike and didn't think anything about not holding the kill switch - I wasn't going to kick it hard enough anyway right???? Damn thing fired up! :thumbsup:

It sounds like the X is the right bike for you but you will enjoy the pros of which ever bike you rid. The trans on the X is more off road friendly, the electric button is nice when starting on a steep up hill climb, the x is also quieter with a spark arrester. The R is faster, lighter, and has the cool factor. I like both. One thing for sure.. Now that you dont have a headlight you will find your self stuck out on the trail at night. Just murphys law.

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