goped wheelie, yes... VERY LONG

i took this back in the summer... i could have went longer, but the street wasn't very long

that was actually pretty nice, I know I my old goped it used to be nearly impossible to ride a wheelie. I had a goped sport, so the tire were different. That thing had so much money dumped into it, we clocked it with my friends dad's radar gun at 38 MPH!

my old gsr-40 tsi would pull my butt up when i didnt want it to, LOL

a very annoying sound..but sick wheelies

a very annoying sound..but sick wheelies

Thats what a 23cc 2-stroke sounds like, personally, I love it

Get many Christmas cards from your neighbors last year?

i kick ass at wheelies on gopeds meh does 247 get treated on hear as he does on gopednation....

dude that has been posted everywhere and its so damm old and fake...

new to me ********* and i think your old and fake

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