xr200r tire

will an IRC 5.10 -17 tire fit on my 01 xr200r. the honda micro says 100/100-17, but then also calls for a 5.10 - 17 tube???? I am confused..LOL!!

It should fit, but I'd look for a bit smaller tire. The last thing the bike needs is a heavier rear tire.

Just got rid of my wife's 17" rim and put on a 18" off xr250r with 100/100 18" and she has no prombles.

A 100/100 17 tire is approx. the same as 4.00 17. You may have clearance problems with a 5.10 tire. If the old tire is still on the bike check for at least 1/2 in. around swingarm and chain. A 5.10 tire is a bit big for a 200. 460 is probably a better choice.

If I did my math right, 100/100 should be about 3.9" wide. I went with a 4.1 when I ordered mine, I wasn't sure if a 4.6 would even clear. I know a 5.6 won't though, I had one here and there's no way it was going in there! lol

well guys it fit. I had to trim the bottom mud guard because the sides where it wraps around the tire were rubbing but other than that it fit pretty good. plenty of clearance with the mud guard trimmed up. I may have to drop a tooth on the front now, but won't know until the snow melts.

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