Converted to SM - Steering Question

I converted my '00 S to an SM about a year ago, and have been quite happy with the bike. However, there is an odd feeling whenever I go into a turn. I've lived with it for a year, so obviously it isn't a big deal, but wondering if anyone else has noticed it and if there is a cure.

The bike feels like it falls into the turn. THis is most noticeable at slower speeds on hard turns. Generally the bike is stable as a rock - no issues on the freeway at 70+. However, it feels like the geometry in the front is somehow causing the bike to want to turn once I start it going. This means I need to take care to not overturn, and have to consciously pull the bike out of the turn when I'm pointed the direction I want to go.

Maybe this is normal for SMs, with the small 17 inch front wheels? Or is there something I can do to reduce this effect? Perhaps adjust the shock heights in the triple clamp or something?

Have you checked your tyre pressures should be around 29psi front and 33psi rear for sm rim sizes on the road, low pressure maybe. Or if you have mismatched suspension settings ie. hard rear and soft front, making the bike front heavy making it tuck in. If you press down hard on the part of the seat you normally use, the front and rear should compress at about the same rate.

Could it be the tire profile?

I was thinking that it might be the profile of the tire. I don't seem to have the problem.

I have the SM and when I replaced the factory Dunlops with a set of Avon Distanzias, I was surprised that it became much easier to turn. Coming from the Dunlops, the first time I turned I thought my rear slid on something and was gonna run from under me, but it was just much quicker to align itself with the initiated motion.

I am not sure if this is the same phenomenon you are talking about though. You are coming from round tires so you're probably used to it. FWIW, I like it with the Distanzia better, they make the bike easier to throw around corners at low speed, with the Dunlops I felt like I was fighting them all the time. The Distanzia is rounder despite having a smaller profile number.

OK, I am pretty embarrassed.

Thmuper, you were dead-on with your advice. I had almost no air pressure, about 12 pounds up front and maybe 6 in the back. I didn't notice since the tires hold their shape very well without any pressure. I guess I'll be checking that a lot more often from now on.

I pumped both up to around 30 pounds, and now the steering feels much more balanced. I'm running Contiforce tires, by the way.

Thanks for the help!

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