Ankle Inury Update

My sprained ankle from 2-12-08 turns out to be a fracture of the talus bone. The big issue is since the first and second set of x-rays the broken part has displaced down toward my heel. It has affected my range of motion and seems to be the reason for my heel pain. I saw a podiatrist for the heel pain thinking plantar fascia injury and he saw the fracture in the second set of x-rays with no displacement. His set of x-rays was dramatically different. Waiting on a ct scan to decide the next course. I've been riding and racing since 1972 and never broke a bone. Looks like I will be a spectator for a while.

That needs to be repaired and is way beyond the skill level of a podiatrist.

Dr. Mark, thanks for your reply, I kinda figured. It seems like if it had been picked up right away the outcome would be different. What type of surgeon do you recommend if I couldn't get to you. I am in SoCal so I might have some options out here. I'll try to get some scans up here for you to see.

Someone with a brain. Not easy to find. I don't know anyone in The Land of Fruits and Nuts that I trust.

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