DJ Stage 1 Jet Kit - Smaller Main Jet ??

Why the biggest main jet of the DJ Stage 1 Jet Kit is #136, while the OEM of my S is #142.5 ? The plug reading is quite white, which means it is running lean (with 3x3 and Akrapovic full system). I ran the DJ kit for 4 weeks, not notice any gain over the OEM carb setting. My S seized in yesterday, found out to be caused by a broken EX valve. Not sure if it is related to the lean mixture, or it is just a valve defect. :thumbsup:

Normally the DJ kit for the S is only good for the needle if done with the 3x3. You also have to purchase a 25 pilot jet.

DJ kit setting for S with stock carb and 3x3:

142.5 main (stock)

25 pilot (purchased separately)

4th clip on DJ needle

DJ spring

The valves on the DRZ are a weak link. I have RHC valves because of this. Sorry to hear about your motor. Good luck with the rebuild. Post questions if you need help with the motor, there are a lot of people that know the DRZ engine on this forum.

Thank you very much for your advise. I'll try to order the pilot jet as per your advise. Can you please suggest a website for the purchase as my country doesn't have this kind of thing.

Pilot jet for the stock S carb is very common most good bike shops will have it, I would suggest taking it out of the carb and going to one. I know the TT store ships overseas and they will have the jet, shipping may be expensive but I don't know.

The valves you can get from but again I don't know about the shipping. They are probably worth what ever shipping you have to pay. He has a kit for the DRZ, valves and springs. If you can call him I would, if not I think there is an email address on his site.

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