who has the coolest helmet?

Let's see some of your pictures of your custom painted helmets.

Here is my helmet I use when vintage racing. Its a TLD, thats all paint, no decals...


That is really cool.


That is an awesome design! :thumbsup:

nice maico helmet!

dont have these but sure as heck would love to get em




Even though its not a true custom, This thing is pretty bad. I will post some pics of my old drag racing helmet later.



Strain #615


That is an awesome design! :thumbsup:

That helmet was painted by xtremekreations.com in NJ. I thought the design up and six days later he was done. There are better shots of the helmet on his web site too.



I know it's not custom but man I love this helmet!!


^^ How does it vent and how comfortable is it?

EDIT: YAY! I'm a TT Gold Member!

I know it's not custom but man I love this helmet!!


That helmet is tight!:thumbsup:



this helmet probably cost me about 100 bucks TOTAL......got the helmet for 25 bucks off ebay, bought new pads for like 20 bucks for the inside...so pretty much a brand new helmet, 2 bucks on tape, and 50 for the phone

Spotted a great looking and well priced second hand helmet on NZ's online auction and classified site TradeMe.

Picked it up for $100. It arrived on Saturday. :thumbsup:

Cool thing is it turned out that it belonged to Cody Cooper. One of New Zealands top MX riders. He raced a couple of AMA rounds last year and is doing a full season this year.

Here is a pic of Cody wearing it during the 2007 Nokia MX Nationals in Australia.


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