Duh! Forgot something & it's alive!!!

We finally got the TTR running off the choke... after my son discovered a rag left in the intake tube on the filter side. Yeah that'll kill it.:ride:

Word of caution... make sure you have all the foreign material out of the system before trying to fire the bike.:D

Today we work on the carb... the main is jetted dead on, but the I need to move the clip a notch (you're right, Jeff <- this guy is good!!). We're four turns out on fuel/air screw and it's still lean on start up.

Tomorrow is the race we're going to try to run the TTR in.:lol:

We have a high com stock sized piston, shaved .015" off the top of the cylinder and flattened out the head (it was "rippled" at .003"). We're thinking close to 11.5:1 comp, maybe 12. I have a program to figure this stuff out, but didn't get the piston and comp chamber measurements to do it right. We put in a Hot Cams cam. New 1st gear , replaced 2nd gear pinion. Barnett Clutch pack, got the new wheels, chain, sprockets, my home fabbed chain guide, and a forged BBR cradle. I think we're ready..:ride:

It's only taken us 2 1/2 months to do this in... pretty much by ourselves at night in our utility room - after homework, chores, and scouts.:thumbsup:

I think he's learned a lot.:ride:

Just need to dial that carb in.:eek:

Maybe we'll look at a pipe in month or two.


AHAHAHHA sorry but thats funny..its something i would do.

This carb thing is killing me:confused: ... we noticed that the bike started acting lean off idle after I posted earlier, then it started spitting and sputtering all the way through the rev action. Like it was leaned out.

We pulled the needle to find that the '06 125s have no further adjustment than stock. We went to the local shops looking for jets and the needle... couldn't find a pilot between 12.5-25... I got all the mains, though. Then I was told that nobody carries needles for this carb, I'd have to order it.:D

We came back home and did the work we could... now the bike won't start unless we crack the throttle like a 2 stroke race bike and it's running really rich as it back fires through the pipe when we let off the throttle on a hard pull. Nice fire works.:thumbsup: I have it down to a 115 from a 117.5 - Tempted to go back to a 112.5. As soon as we let off the gas all the way the bike dies - that's the needle.

One end is too lean, the other is too rich. I can fix both, but the bottom end is going to be a band-aid until we get a needle with some adjustment. But even with it rich... that top end is something to behold! That bike is a completely different animal. Not saying we gave it some super powers or anything, but all that bottom end torque is now top end haul butt It's gotta be over 12hp (yeah, laugh it up - but it's still the stock displacement, not a big bore):ride: !

Oh, yeah - did I mention I decided to try the 12.5 pilot (just to see).:lol:

We're bringing both bikes, the stock DR-Z125 for trail class and the TTR for the super-mini. He may only get to ride the DRZ if I can't get this TTR carb dialed in by gate time.:eek:


Update- Broke the 12.5 pilot off at install, I guess.:thumbsup: I had plans to pull the carb apart and rejet it with the 20 we had at the track. Unfortunately that's when I found the problem. That may explain some of the carb's weird behavior.

So, we got lucky and had the DR-Z125 with us as a back up. Ended up pulling the VM20S off of it. I maneuvered the intake tube and all the lines fit decent enough once we moved the intake around. The only other issue was the choke - Suzuki mounts their's to the carb... not by a long push/pull cable. We took the cable and mount off.

The bike fired up and ran great with the rejetted DRz's carb... a little rich with a 115 main, though. Now to remove the remains of the pilot from the TTR's previous carb.:eek:


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