does any one in the states have 08 rmz 450

thanks to everyone who has posted unfortunately they still haven't landed in iowa yet:foul:

some people in california have 1- some have posted pics- i called a couple of dealers in california and they said they got some in- that is the only state i have heard of getting any

Chaparral in southern California had a few on the floor when I went there March 1.

we got them in oregon about 2 weeks ago

Hinshaws Honda in Auburn Washingon has one on the floor

when r they going to start coming east

Saw one at Fay Meyers in Denver Colorado on March 5th. Already has been sold.


Saw one at Fay Meyers in Denver Colorado on March 5th. Already has been sold.


awesome!!!:thumbsup: that means they r working their way over:thumbsup:

anybody else got one?

Fun Center in Durango,Colorado has one on the floor as well. I just might have to go snatch that one up since my dealer here in NM who I have the first one on hold with has gotten theirs yet.

I live in the Sacramento area and have seen one at a track in Marysville (~45 miles north of Sacktown) two weeks ago and two different dealers I went to looking for brake pads in Sack. this last week had one sitting on the showroom floor.

the dealership in Heber City, UT has one on their showroom floor!

anybody else in the US got 1

i know some more people got 1- my dealer told me they made it to a few more states, but they are not on this side of the mississippii yet- its looking more like it is going to be the end of this month for here in tennessee- it just baffles me- u think they would be shipping those as fast as possible to hurry up and get them on the sales floor so they can hurry up and get rid of them- they are already late

an open a expert rider this past weekend in pa had one

how did he get it honda?

So my local dealer finally got a call back from his Suzuki rep today, he said the 2nd shipment of bikes are on the water and due to port in the next few days, from there they go to warehouses and then dispersed to the next dealers in line by region. I would bet the East coast won't see them for at least two more weeks as we in the South West aren't going to see them until then as well. It looks like I might just give up and buy a Honda, I can get one for about $800 less than the Suzuki. Decisions, decisions.

I've been told they are at the warehouse. They should be making there way to the dealers.

i dont think anybody knows where they are at- my dealers around me dont know- i call suzuki and ask them and they dont even know they are being released here in the US- this is crazy- i cant believe suzuki is doing this

just about all the dealers around here have the service manuals to the bike- they all tell me when they get the manual, the bike is usually following right behind- i guess suzuki is doing it differently- i was told New Mexico had them

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