please help ttr 125 jetting

i have a 02 ttr 125 sw i took the air box out and now running a uni pod filter pro circuit pipe and bbr rev box it ran like crap with the stock jetting (15,105) i put 17.5 with a 110 still it runs like crap hard as hell to start never touched the fuel screw yet. i need help. thanks.:thumbsup:

You will find the solution in the fuel screw. I picked up an 06 a few months ago, and did the air box mod, and re-jet, the fuel screw was barely cracked open from factory (less than 1/4 turn!). mine now seems to run perfect at 1.5 turns out with the same size jets as your running. I had to drill out the brass cap to get to it, but i don't think you have to on an 02. If you can, it's a tight squeeze especially when it's warm, try to get in there with a small screwdriver, while it's running and warmed up. ( I cut the last 1 1/4 inch off the handle of a little craftsman screwdriver so i could fit it in there. works good). Keep turning it out about 1/4 turn at a time till the idle peeks and smooths out. Should be somewhere between 1-2.5 turns out. Good luck and don't burn yourself!

Plus you need to adjust the needle. You'll need to raise it.

ok ill try thanks you

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