Tera-Flex Review

Part I

Tire has been installed. The installation process was not too bad. The material is soft and plyable, adn after warming the tire using a hair dryer, I had no real difficulties mounting the tire by myself.

I currently have 15 psi in the tire, odometer reads 4,650 miles, tire was not balanced for weight.

Here is how the bike looks:


I have no clearance issues, but as you can see by the second photo, the tire gets pretty close to the chain and swingarm. Here is a good photo of that view:


I also had to trim my mud flat a little bit, as the outside knobs were having some space conflicts with the mud flap. Maybe you can see that here:


I plan on testing this tire in as many environments as I can. This weekend I have hard, gravelly, fire roads scheduled for my dance card on Saturday, and soft, rocky sand in the works for Sunday. Next weekend I will be in Seattle area for the Reiter Pit ride, and that will determine the tires ability in mud, roots and rock climbing.

Also, I will be riding the bike down at the Baja1000 this year, so REAL desert riding will also be covered.

I will try to describe traction, durablity, chunking observed, and anything else that I can figure out on the tire.

Again, this tire is an Interco Tera-Flex, size 140/80 - 18.



For some reason your pics arent showing...

Id like to see this tire and how a 140 looks on your bike.

Thats a big one for sure.

I had buddies that swore by those things.

I'm interested in how you like it.

Ok, I see it now.

That dude looks like it is sitting pretty close to the swingarm. :)

If that baby dont hook up for you in the mud, nothing will.

Man, don't let your cape get caught in that gnarly thing!

Brandon, is that the DOT approved tire? Looks mean! What are you running on the front? Nice heat shield, too. Did you make or buy that?

brandon,i like heat shield.where did you get it?

brandon,when was last time you lubed that chain?it looks dryer that a popcorn kernal's fart.

Its better traction than with all that slippy stuff.

PART II - Forest Service Roads

Saturday was spent riding to the top of Chumstick Mountian. These roads are typical for Forest Service around here: hard, dirt and rock mixed, probably pretty muddy in spots during the spring.

Acceleration: Straight line acceleration was GREAT. Tire spin was minimal.

Braking: Again, great. When I hoarked on the rear brake, I seldom has a locked up tire. Regardless of the terrain, the tire was holding on, and modulation of the brake lever was minimal. The tire was grabbing the road surface and did not want to let go!

As I was riding, I was standing up, and staying between 2 and 3rd gear, and rolling the throttle on out of the turns, and braking into them. I very rarely had a situation where the tire broke free, but if it did (either on acceleration or braking) the tire was very predictable. With my old DunlopD606, if I broke the tire free on acceleration coming out of a corner, sometimes it felt like the rear end was going to slide all the way out and swap ends with the front, but not with this tire. If I did break it free, it very would track to the outside, but it never felt like the rear end was wanting to swap ends. Same with braking. If I did lock it up coming into a corner, it felt stabil.

Overall impression on this type of terrain? I like smoothness that I feel with the tire. It rarely breaks free, so I felt very connected to the road, and acceleration and braking chacteristics were predictable. I am beginning to really like this tire!

Here is a pic in some snow that I encountered. Snow was maybe a week old, and maybe was 3/4 of an inch at most. Did not affect tire performance at all. (Wish the picture from the top of the mountian turned out, but it did not!)


Part III - Desert

This part of the test is out in a loose sand, gravel, rocks and dirt and dust. This is what I would consider a desert environment.

In this setting, I was looking some high-speed stuff, regular trail riding, as well as wallowing in the deep sand.

On the high speed stuff, the tire was great. I felt like I was tracking right along, no matter how loose or bumpy it got. I thought the tire shined during high speeds. I got up to about 75 on this road yesterday....


In the deep stuff, this tire is not all that great. I hung out with a guy on a 2-smoke, and he was killing me on all the deep sand stuff. Hill climbs were also hand full. I had fun, but I could not hang with him in that environment.

As for the trail riding, again, I am very happy with the tire. It kept tire spin to a minimum, acceleration and braking were very predictable. I kind of feel like this tire is giving me the same benefits as a flywheel weight does for an engine.

Now, for the questions:

1. Yes, the tire IS street legal! DOT stamp right on the sidewall!

2. What am I running on the front? Dunlop D606. I am very happy with this combonatin!

3. Where did I get that heat sheild? Freestyle111 hooked me up. I kept bashing the stock one pretty good, and I saw that he was selling them (for a pretty reasonable price, I might add!) so I got one. He also hooked me up with a nice air/fuel set-screw!

4. How dry is my chain? Probably pretty dry. I am running the new Bel-Ray Superclean lube, which is silicon based (I think) and not goopy like standard lubes. It goes on, and the propellant evaporates, and you are left with a nice white film. Keeps the chain pretty clean.

That is what I got for now. Current odometer reading is 4806, and the tire is still looking pretty good. Middle lugs took a little bit of a beating from the desert ride on Sunday, but that is too be expected. Will post a current pic of the tire soon.


PS: I have 2 dorky 5-second films from yesterday if somebody wants to host them. Not that great, jumping is some deep sand stuff.

Next up: Mud, roots, rocks and fun from Reiter Pit.

when you say tire didnt work to well in deep stuff what was it doing bad?not getting traction or to much traction bogging down motor?

I think that the tire traction bogs the engine down a little bit in this situation. I was messing around in 5 to 6 inches of very soft sand, and it seemed like I sunk down pretty deep, and I could not get back up on top. The 2 stroke that I was riding with was prancing around making it look like childs play, and I felt like a Thumper in the sand....

I got around ok, never got stuck, but I also never thought that I maybe had a paddle tire on either.


Very interesting Brandon!!! :):D

Do you plan to ride this tire on the road, just to know if it feels secure and holds on a minimum in turns...

How is the D606 in the front? I have two front wheels: one for off road and one for the road. I'm planning to test the D606 and sell one of my front wheels. What do you think? Most of my riding is off road...


Math "426'01 street legal"

I have used these tires for my hill climbing bikes. They work really well for that purpose. I even cut off every other row of knobs (well kinda of.. I'll have to post a pic of it.) for more paddle tire type traction.

They mount up nice and not too hard if you have some tire irons and if the tire and wheel are at room temp.

They are one big meaty tire that will hook up! What are you guys paying for these? There are not that many distributers for them anymore..

-- Rod

Hey Brandon I got mine delivered this morning. Can't wait to put it on. Looks just like they did 10 years ago when I was using them. FYI Rod I paid about 70 bucks delivered. There's only one place to get them and that is www.intercotire.com The Terreflex comes in two sizes. The 140/80 is made for 500cc and bigger bikes and the 110/100 is for 500cc and smaller. Personally I feel the 140/80 needs at least 50hp to run properly. Don't get me wrong for everyday trailriding it will run on a 400cc thumper like a WR/YZ or DRZ but to truly shine in all areas it needs mojo torque. I ran one on several CR500's and it was the cats pajama's. The new one will be going on a tweaked XR650R where I expect it will perfect. I think Brandon found it's only weakness on the smaller bikes - deep sand. The Yamaha just did not have the power to keep it turning and on top of the sand. My bud is going to buy the 11/-100 for his DRZ. We'll see how that works.

Part IV- Reiter Pit

Mud, rain, rocks and broken clavicles! What more could you ask for in a full day of riding? Ok, how about propane space heaters, pop-up tent awnings, bbq burgers and CFC engine armour? Anyway you slice it, we had a great time riding at Reiter Pit on Saturday.

It was spotty with the rain, but that did not slow us down! Once we got on the trail, we had 16 people in a line, all wondering "Where in the heck are we heading?" It was a fun game of "Follow the Leader" and I vote for Bigdrtrdr as being the best trail boss! He found some of the gnarliest, rootiest, rockiest trails to be found. Some of the trails where not really "trails" but were more like "lines" that people had taken over the roots. Only way to tell if somebody had been there before was evidenced by the bash marks on the roots left by skid plates.

I heard things like "If you can ride at Walker Valley, you can ride anywhere". Well, I vote for Reiter Pit as well. Mud, rocks, wet roots, standing water, you name it, Reiter Pit had it.

How did the Tera-Flex perform? I could not complain. There were a couple of instances where people were getting snagged up on all of the tree roots, and since they were wet, it was very easy to sit and spin on a root. The Tera-Flex really did well in the wet root environment. The lugs are big enough and far enough apart that they really "grabbed on" and clawed over the roots. I was very happy with it.

Also, there was a time where we all caught a break, and waited for the group to "catch up", and we were commenting on if our tires were getting full of mud or not. Most tires were full of mud and bark from the "trail" but the Tera-Flex was pretty clean. This tire will not get clogged.

There was one area that provided us with a sandy hill climb. We were all playing nicely, taking turns roosting up the hill, until these two 4x4's came through. They decided they would take a stab at climing our hill. Well, I was not going to just stand there and have them show us how it was done! So, they took off up the hill, and once they determined which line theye were going to take, I took off after them. Well, to make a long story short, this was the scene of my first wreck of the day. I went flying up the hill, got a little off kilter, and ended up wiping out. Yep, right in front of those two dudes 4x4'in.

If I only had my suit on, I would have pulled that one off!

As for the rest of the day's action, Drew and I were doing some high-speed stuff, and I ended up wrecking pretty hard at the end of the day. It all happened pretty fast, but the front end washed out from under me, and I went over the bars hard. Took me a couple of minutes to get it back together. We rode out, loaded up the bikes, and called it a day. I drove back to Wenatchee, and then went to the doctor. As it turns out, I have a fractured left clavicle.


Hopefully I can have a speedy recovery, as the next update is scheduled for south of the border! In only 10 days!

Had a great time, and "thanks for everything" to the CFC guys!

PS: I think that your engine armour would look "GREAT" on some Wr's!


Follow up....

Odometer is currently reading 5186, so the Tera-Flex has approximately 536 miles on it. Center lugs are showing wear, but tha's about it. Outer lugs still have the "nipples" from the casting process.

Of that 536 miles, I would estimate that no more than 150 has been on paved surfaces, with the remainder coming from various off-road terrain types.

I'd post a picture, but, well, you all know I can't...


Is that Tera-Flex the DOT approved model?

Hey, how do I get one of those rad head pipe heat shields?

The only one I have ever seen is the e-line ones for $90.

If I only had my suit on, I would have pulled that one off!

I really miss you without the cape but I'm sure that TT'r was right, it would be a shame if the tire sucked it up and wrapped it around the hub.

I've got great a mental picture of the cape flying behind you throwing up monster roost off that bad-ass tire.

Ddialogue, I think those are DOT approved for street riding.

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