Tera-Flex Review

Hey, Were you able to order the tire from the site? I called the number on the site and they said I had to be a dealer to order the tire from them. Any suggestions????

Man this is an old post....

Bonzai :)

Oldie, but a goodie!

Here is a question: How many have tried the Flex? And what were your impressions?



Brandon, I think that tire is way too big for the 426, I tried one and don't even think of rolling backward or the mudflap goes up.I agree that you need more HP with this tire and the lack of performance in the deep stuff confirms it. the 110 still works best on this bike, it doesn't bog it down and hooks up good :).. my 2 cents, let me know if you're coming down toward MT. Adams later this Summer when the snow melts. :D

Somebody e-mailed me today wanting to know what they looked like mounted. Here are a couple of pictures of my buddies bike... Got any questions?



Still no questions?


And the C'ou de Grace....


Just keepin' things fun!

Man those are "BIG'UNS"!!! The knobs on that tire of course.

That's one funky look'in overflow set up :)

It's called a "Jimmy Tube" man. :)


I ran into deep snow this weekend, riding with Lowedog. I kept letting him go first so when he got stuck I could throw a "Slushy Roost" :D at him when I blew by!!! The only thing better in the snow would have been a 2" paddle track! :)

Could you send me the pics?

Man, wished the links would work for me. It just sais the path is no good. Help!

Wow! Blast from the past! I don't think those pictures are available any more. I had them hosted on www.freepictures.com and I think they went defunct or something...

I use a TeraFlex, and it's the only tire that will even keep up with my engine. There is NO way that the tire is too much for a modified WR4__... Go to intercotire.com and look at the tread type II, its a beast.

Has anyone any info on how many thread you could use up, until the tera type II starts using its functionality?


My brother ran this tire a few times, its great when its new but after a while it flattens and and doesnt bite well around turns. The tread is so big that it begins to float on top and not dig to get traction. Other than that seemed to be a great all around tire. Heavy as hell though..

I just got one of the 140/80 ones made in USA. It is OK. It is not all I hoped it to be. I am not sure it grabs as good as the M5B it replaced. It sure seems to spin alot in the loose stuff. I hope it wears well, but so far it seems to be not wearing real well. I can already see lots of wear on it. I will give it a fair go, but I can see the Monster5B on the back of my bike again.

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