Head gasket ?? sale/trade

I recently bought a 2000 DRZ400S that was advertised on ebay as being in "great condition". You may have seen it, it ended with no bids at $2,000 so I offered $1800 after the auction ended. I paid the guy with paypal and met him a couple weeks ago after work 8:00pm in Nunan GA. Long story short is when I got home to Montgomery Alabama and in my lighted garage I saw that it was not in the condition he claimed. Nothing falling to pieces but not "great condition". It was late but I wanted to ride it down the street to make sure it shifted and ran ok. It has a Clarke oversized tank which requires unbolting to get the radiator cap off so I skipped checking it and just checked the oil. It rode down the street ok so I parked it and went to bed. The next night after work I lossened the tank and checked the radiator, it was empty so I filled it. I left the cap off and was going to let it idle a couple minutes to get air out of the system, it was pushing the water out like a blown head gasket so I put the cap on and let it idle for a couple minutes when it stalled. I check the radiaitor and it was empty again. I was told that water pumps will do this so I ordered one and just put it on last night. The plug was wet with water not gas so I cleaned it and it fired right up. Only now it is smoking out the tailpipe (white). It stalled again after a couple minutes so I removed the spark plug and cranked the engine over to see water shooting out of the spark plug hole. I did this a couple times to be sure, but the same thing keeps happening, cylinder gets water in it and drowns the spark plug. Obviously water is getting in the cylinder and it must be a head gaket leaking. The seller does not want to help me out. Sooooo I either need to fix it or trade it on something else very quickly. I have plans on riding the end of this month. So does anyone kow how difficult relacing the head gasket is ? 0r the approximate cost ? If I replace it is there something else I should be doing while in there" Bike for sale $1800 or trade.



R&R the headgasket for the average person is a 3 or 5 hour job, assuming you have the tools, some skill/knowledge and a shop manual.

Once the head is off, you need to ensure it is flat and not warped, tha the top of the barrel is good too. Do not move the barrel as you do not want to break the seal between it and the cases. With luck, a fresh gasket, coated with Copper Coat (spray three coats on, let dry overnite) you will be ok.

Sux the seller is jerkin' you, but sadly, that is typical of a lot of people.

Sorry for your trouble.

A head gasket is a couple of hours work, 4 top wack if you check and clean everythng.

Neil. :thumbsup::eek::D

I hope you are lucky and it's just the gasket.

If not, Ebay has a vehicule protection program but that only works if the undisclosed defect will cost over $1000 to repair.

If the head is warped, you might want to get a 'suzuki dealer' estimate to fix it as an OEM head retails for over $500 alone.


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