Daytona SX, dont read if you dont want the race spoiled!


Watching tha Daytona SX, i cant beleive Reed bike failed with 3 turns left!?!

Does anyone know what happened to his bike? Looks like he stalled AND THEN BAM, it went up in smoke! Maybe a blown motor? Ricky said he thinks his clutch went out but what did you guys hear or think?

And wow what a mud bath, i think it would be fun to ride on a track like that!:thumbsup:

Might wanna change the title.

why change the title?

Looks like his bike seized. In those conditions I am surprised it didn't happen sooner.

why change the title?

Because it's a spoiler for people who havn't seen the race yet...

i think he burned the clutch and probaly scored the cylinder, when he was trying to get it started again (lol).....there was no compression.

how can someone watch NASCAR after a SX race like that

thats what Ricky was saying. He believed he might have fried the clutch or something.he was kicking it so easily he might have an air leak somewhere.

The entire thread is going to ruin it for someone that hasent seen the race though.

If they dont wanna know what happened then dont read it?

I didnt watch nascar after the race. I watched it again thanks to DVR.

its not really like we said who won or anything someone just wondered what happened to reed.

Reed kept blasting through that one long lake where the water was up to the number plate lap after lap. Everyone else went wide on that particular turn for good reason. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. With a 60+ second lead he shoulda backed off for the last lap or two.

he should've been on a HONDA:ride:

you gotta feel bad for reed. even though he made a couple questionable moves off track at the beginning, he still had a 58sec lead when his bike failed.

Very true, i dont know why he felt the need to go inside on that turn with 3 foot of water. Not only does it slow you down but it puts water in the air box and just gives the rider a shower.

yea he should have taken it easy for sure! What a bummer to go up in smoke with a 62 second lead with a couple laps to go! His facial expression was beyond pissed

I wondered why he did not try to start pushing it. It would have been a bitch, but he did not even try. Not too bad a finish though for not finishing the race.

do you think it was caused by the motor sucking water? Could killed the plug and just swamped it?

Cuz they rode through water the entire race, i know some of it had to have been pulled into the intake system!

Didn't it look like Reed flipped off his mechanic when he was kicking it over after it fried? If so, how childish to take it out on his team. While he rode fast, and that would be a hard way to lose, karma will get you. It looked to me that he cut the track THREE times, in the first few laps.

Reed is a duma$$ he shoulda backed off and quit hitting the water like he was, he either sucked it full of water or fried his clutch. I was at Milleville for the mudder he just makes pooor decisions when the conditions are tuff.

Ya it looked to me like he made some gesture to his mechanic and when he did that it pissed me off to no end:mad: It was NOT his mechanics fault. Did you see that big freaking puddle he slammed through right before his bike started to backfire? He sucked water. He was his own dumba$$ fault. And for him to make a move like that to his mechanic is the stupidest thing he coulda done. Yes hes a good rider and had a huge lead but he is the biggest loser in my opinion :thumbsup: Windham deserved it. Hes a hard working, classy guy unlike Reed. The only reason Reed has ONE title is that Ricky wasn't there. Biggest loser EVER in my book.

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