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IDLE screw all the way in, throttle floats above? XR600

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perhaps i am a complete idiot but why can i not adjust the idle speed on this 1988 xr600r?

i've had the carb apart, rejetted cleaned and such. i think this is a cable connection problem -my failure to compute that is. :thumbsup:

does the cable adjustment actually PULL the throttle open a bit? when i look down at the carb while the motor is running the little round cable attachment is rotating ON and OFF the end of the IDLE screw (which is all the way in)

at the moment i cannot idle without a hand on the grip.

another thing i thought might be the problem is when i disassembled the carb the spring attached to it was taken off and put back on. does it need to be wound another turn?



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The throttle cable should not be pulling the carb open at idle. The idle stop screw and the idle mixture adjustment should be the only things used to adjust it. If the throttle cam where the cables attach is actually moving around at idle, it may very be that the return spring doesn't have enough tension.

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