Cams and E base gasket

Whats happening guys. I have an 05 s. I already have my Fcr kit from TT and I ordered an Rs2 complete system from TT last night. My question is how hard is the E base gasket to do and can i put the intake cam from hotcams in myself ? I might as well go all in because i have the Mod fever for spring. Thanks guys

Cams are very easy to install.

I've heard for the work the base gasket alone is not worth it.

If the barrel is coming off then why not, but otherwise its alot of work for not so much. (so i've heard)

save your money and do the 94mm big bore kit.

its the same work as doing the base gasket and will make a real gain.

Money isn't a problem Eddie. My worry is doing the work right. If I lived in Co. I'd have you. I live on Long island, N.Y. I have a guy in Pennsylvania who, where i keep my 2 drz,s that is a pretty good cycle shop. The kit, he should be able to do right? Its not brain surgery is it? How much? and can i order the kit from you?

if hes capable of swapping the base gasket,hes capable of installing the big bore kit.same work.

the kits run about $470.

That kit with the fcr and the Rs2 I,d see a big gain huh eddie? Thats the millenium tech kit that iVe heard you talk of right? I might be interested in doing it eddie .Its still winter here eddie so I,ll be in touch.

add stg 1 hotcams and you have a very effective combo that makes almost 50hp.

yes,millenium technologies.

Just the intake? or both intake and exhaust? hotcams says both with the big bore.

both for sure.

Thanks Eddie. Much appreciated. Should I contact MT or can you ship me one of the kits?

all of my cylinders are in constant rotation for in house motor jobs.i try to keep them on the shelf but they usually go straight on motor when they come in.

just depends on your time frame.

for most its easiest just to deal direct with millenium.

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