How well does Yamaha back there product?

Man I am in so much need of an anti depressant

(see serious help needed posted below) My bike broke a valve and totaled out my motor. At least

$1500.00 (that I don't have) in parts not including any labor. My bike was 1 year old in february and I feel this is totaly unacceptable for this to happen. has anyone had a problem of this magnitude and had yamaha help them out? I looked on thier site but it doesn't have a customer service area.

any suggestions would be of much help.


basically your only option at this point is to go back to your dealer and try and get them to escallate the problem to Yamaha. You have a 50/50 chance on getting them to show you what they call "Good Will", but your dealer must contact them for you. They will not deal with you as a customer unless you are sponsored by them.

Good Luck.

Bonzai :)

higgy, what broke on your engine, valve, spring, piston, head? How did it happen, high rpm? Is it at a yamaha shop and apart? mike


It seems a valve broke 1/2 way up the rod fell into the chamber and the piston smashed it into head 4 times (i know because i heard it)

my bike is sitting in my garage.


I was one step ahead of you I did contact customer service and they told me exactly what you said. So I called my dealer and the service tech was very understanding and wants me to bring him the bike to look at. So far I feel pretty good. I will have to see what they say.

thanks both of you.


What parts do you need?

I have repaired some extremely devastated heads. Is it a 400 or a 426?

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