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hey guys, i was wondering if you think i should get a 450x or a 250x? this would be my fiirst big bike. last time i had a bike was when i was 8 years old. a little abouth myself is i am 5'11, and i weigh 245 pounds. do you think the 450 would be too much for me? i also live in socal, and i would mainly ride at gorman, cal city, and other deserts around here. thanks

I think the 250X will be too small for you.

Because of your weight and the fact you plan too ride desert I would go with the 450, the 250 might not have enough go.

great. cool. i was swaying more towards the 450 also. also, whats a good gear to get the 450x? im planning on getting one used. thanks

Gear for the bike or yourself?

oh wait maybe you meant year. there are no major differance from 05 to 07 i would find the newest, cleanest, and cheapest one i could find

whoops sorry. yeah i meant year. do you think this is a good deal?

Go 450x I rode a 250x with R head and cam. It was WAY underpowered compared to my bone stock 450x.

It may be just Cali prices, but here in NC/TN you can pick up used '05's and '06's all day long for $3500 with a shit-load of mods. I picked up mine used in Maryland for $4000 (lots of expensive mods already on the bike)...with a street-legal title.:thumbsup:

Yep Cali

I think the X's are way more popular and hold value due to the green sticker.

so do you think thats a good price? or should i look around more? thanks

I'm in Norcal and on craigslist around here I've seen 06' and 07' for around 4000-4500 so maybe look around a little.

I weigh 204 pounds and was tossing up about the 450 and 250 late last year. My riding ability is very average, I have only been on a bike for 2 years(42 years old this year) and let me tell you the shit (can I say that?) my mates gave me when I mentioned getting the Honda. Well I opted for the 2007 450x and it is just so easy to ride 'I LOVE MY HONDA CRF450x'. Last Saturday I had a ride on a mates wr250f Yamaha and it was sluggish I tried ti wheelie the Yamaha like I do mine and it didn’t even get off the ground till the brain readjusted to the 250. Get the 450 take your time learning to ride it and you will love the power. I was scared at first but now I can’t see myself on a 250 until I am about 90.


My 14 year old daughter's next bike will probably be a 250x if that helps.

yeah, ive 100% decided on getting the 450. would any of you guys happen to know anyone selling a 450x for cheap in the socal area? thanks

yeah, ive 100% decided on getting the 450. would any of you guys happen to know anyone selling a 450x for cheap in the socal area? thanks

You might have to look out of the SoCal area for better prices on 'previoulsy owned' 450X bikes. I've seen some great deals on used 450X bikes in the TT classified ads. Might keep and eye out there.

good luck in your search heffer, you'll love the bike when you get it

if i were to buy something from a different state, how would the registration work? thanks

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