7/8 bars pics

Anyone have pics of a 7/8 bar other than stock? Pro tapers, Renthal ,Zeta. Im trying to get an idea of what to go with . I have two drz" s , the stock bars just aint doing it.

I see a lot of people bemoaning the stock bars...are these the Renthal Fatbars that came stock on my SM or do some DRZ's have different bars?

The guy at the dealer said something that suggested I was fortunate in what bars were on my bike, indicating there were multiple possibilities...

Sorry I dont have an answer to your question..not meaning to hijack

Yea the o5s comes with 7/8 shit bars. Your 08 sm comes equipped nicely guy.




7/8 Renthal CR High's

Sorry havent got much better pics.

Thanks Headster your last pic was the angle i was looking for.

Glad to be of service:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Do you know what bend you are looking for???

Cr high bend was my first choice. If i feel the need to go higher i would go with one of the universal 7/8 risers until comfortable. I looked at kx high but think its too high 4.25 compared to 3.74 on the cr high.

Pro Taper Carmichael bend SE aka 7/8.



Are they any higher than stock? Im looking to gain some height.

If your going to use risers,you could get 1 1/8'' bars.I like em much better than the 7/8'' new013.jpg

Are they any higher than stock? Im looking to gain some height.

Carmichaels are low. If you want higher CR high might be a better choice.

The Pro Taper web site lists all the dimensions of their bars http://www.protaper.com/index.html

In my garage I have a front on view with a set of Renthal Button bends using rocky mountain rise adapter.....kinda gives you a perspective compared to the headlight and shroud?

Sorry no pics on this computer to upload....

renthal button bend is as high as the crhi but doesn't pull back as much. It opens up the cockpit nicely:thumbsup:

Headster, the mirrors in the pics... what model are they?

they look like APA Supermoto / Dual Sport Mirror from:




I made them myself.

Car Blind spot mirrors 3" Diameter

and some rubber straps :thumbsup:

i used TAG X5 bars.



excellent, thx guys.


pro taper 7/8 RM bend .

Renthals... cant remember which bend :thumbsup:

(And DualStar mirrors)


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