how do i install a fuel screw?

hi i have a wr450f 2006 and ive just got round to installing a sunline fuel screw i have took the plug that covers it out and i ready to install the new version but what order do you put the spring, washer and o-ring. any help would be great.:thumbsup:


Gently screw in all the way. This is the closed poistion. Back it out two turns, ride the bike and make the final tweaks once the bike is fully up to temp.

Put a little grease around the o-ring to help keep it it place.

Some aftermarket fuel screws have a habit of vibrating loose so keep an eye on it.

True about the loosening and potential for loosing it altogether. I put a second oring on the shaft (many have a groove for this). Makes the screw stay put real good but still turnable. I would not grease it though as the grease could get up in the pilot circuit.

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