new 08!!!!

hey guys i am picking up my 08 crf450r on tuesday, just wanted to tell someone. im so excited first new toy in 5 years what kind of upgrades do u suggest and where can i get a service manual. :thumbsup:


Any Honda shop can order you a manual, aroud 50-60$. The one that comes with it is pretty good and works for most repairs, though.

Ride it STOCK some, so you will appreciate the changes mods will make. Spend your money on suspension mods, they are all it really needs. Some people hate the stock front tire also. Finally, replace the wimpy stock chain BEFORE it wastes the excellent stock sprockets. I like DID ert's or RK GB520's.

Anything else is feel-good stuff and not really necessary.

Get a second airfilter, stock or twinair, and be religious about servicing it PROPERLY. Your valves will live a long and happy life untill you feed it dirt.

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