Helmet Painting Advice

SO, if you read my previous thread, I was looking to gt my sparer helemt painted but... after I found out the cost:eek: I think I gonna give it a whirl myself.

I have an autobody specialty store a few miles from my house where I can buy custom mixed pain with spray can tops and all supplies necessary.

My situation is as follows: 2 helmets (good one Arai VX-Pro Windham replica, and my spare, helemt tot be painted, is a two year old Shoei VFX-R w/ black and silver troy lee graphics)

I already have my design chosen, but I was wonoderinf from anyone who has painted before how I should prep my helmet, seeing as it already had graphics, to be painted?:thumbsup: I was thinking that Icould just primer it first before laying any paint down, but I wanted see what you guys thought:excuseme:

Any other tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, THANKS:thumbsup:

I dont know for sure. but im guessing your going to want to do something to the current finish before applying primer. Otherwise i dont think the primer would stick properly. Sorry i cant help you anymore, i just know that there is something somewhere in there that you want to do. Theres a new thread featuring the best paintjobs. Im sure if you tried to talk to one of those guys theyd be able to steer you in the right direction.

Out of curiosity, what did Screwy Designs want to paint it? It's been a long time since I had one done.

why are you painting your helmet again?

Out of curiosity, what did Screwy Designs want to paint it? It's been a long time since I had one done.

The guy at screwy Designs was a complete DICK first off:foul: . He was very arrogant, and just a plain a-hole. He said it would be a base cost of $550 and then however much more he was going tot charge for design labor. i saw some pics of his work and I wasn't too much impressed, so Iquestioned his price. he then started comoparinf himself to Troy Lee Designs:eek: , and how he was cheaper than them. I then told him how I've found a few ithe companies that would paint it for about $300, and he told me that i was lieing to him and he was painting them for that much 15years ago.

Long story short, he was a prick, and I would never take anything to him to paint even if it wasa free:rant:

why are you painting your helmet again?

This would be the first time the helmet would be painted. right now it has stock troy lee paint design on it that I'm noto real found of(I bought the helmet on clearance and I could not pass that deal up)

That's a real bummer Kdub. I haven't had him paint a helmet for me since 1990, and it was only $150 then. Honestly, I was kind of surprised when I saw the samples on the website, because he used to put out some really cool helmets that did rival TLD's work, and the stuff on the site did not look special at all. Sorry it didn't end up being a better referral for you.

Make sure you sand it with about 220 grit before you prime. Clean it REAL well before you sand. Try to get a surface prep that will remove grease and silicone after you clean with soap/water. make sure you mask off any vents real well as the solvents will dissolve the foam if any gets in past the shell. Remove any graphics/stickers before you start to sand.

According to Johnny at Blowsion (www.Blowsion.com) the Shoei visors are not paintable(no matter what you do to them with adhesion promoters etc.) , but he'll sell you a replacement visor, primed for about $50. You'll want to use a clear coat to smooth out ridges from your tape lines (can you get a clear coat in a spray bomb? they are usually catalyzed, so I'd guess no), but you could do it all as single-stage paint. Some paints don't hold up well to taping (usually you have to clear coat it first before taping out for your next color), espcially metallics.

I don't know about clear coating between taping, but you deffinetly want to take off all the old paint and graphics that are on the helmet. If there are any nicks, you will need to sand them out or fill them with something, I would suggest sanding them out as much as possible them using a thick primer and sanding that down util they go away. You will want to use a thinner primer for your final prime coat and sand it smooth with 400 grit sand paper. Spray your base coat, and mask your graphics using a high quality tape and make sure to get the edges down nice and tight to avoid bleading. You will likely need to wet sand between coats to help prevent this. When you are all done use about 3 coats of clear and lightly wet sand to a smooth finish.

....or you could just leave it the way it is, probably look better if you have never done this type of painting before. You may be able to get away with a solid color, but graphics are not as easy as you may think, it takes practice like anything else.

k-dub,,!st of all your wrong on the price,2nd of all i dont compare my self to Troy lee.Hell ive been doing lids since 1987,over 5,000 painted and dont care to do any more.My web site has not been updated for 3 years.If ya dont like what i offer go elswere.Good luck,,Screwy

I painted my helmet about a year and a half ago. It was a cheapo THH helmet, so I wasn't too concerned about having the best finish possible.

That being said, I didn't remove the old paint or graphics, just sanded it with 220, primed, and painted. I just used Rustoleum or some crap from the hardware store that I applied with my airbrush, and a really high quality clear coat with a spray gun.

For not removing the old stickers, and not buffing the clear coat, it turned out pretty well. And a year and half later there is only a few minor scratches:thumbsup:


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