TTR125 White Smoke

My "wife's" TTR125 has recenlty started smoking white smoke out the exhaust pipe. Thought it could be valve's, so I adjusted them and still it smokes. I thought maybe it was the valves seals, so I replaced them. Still smokes. Engine has good compression still, so I don't think it needs a new top end. A while back, my friend and I rode it switching back and forth between it and my 250 2smoker, we rode it pretty hard. Could the problem possibly be the head is warped. Like a bone head, I didn't check when I had it apart thinking that there was no way it would be warped (forgot about my 250lb+ buddy riding it hard). I don't know if an air cooled engine would blow white smoke out the exhaust from a leaking head gasket or not.

Please help!!!



well my 125 smokes badly to but i havent found out what is wrong but if you do will you please report back bc i would like to fix it

does it smoke while the motor is hot? is ure airfiler clean?

Air filter is not the issue, tried that one of the first things. New gas, cleaned carb, etc. It does not smoke when started cold for several long seconds, then starts to smoke badly until warm and the choke is turned off, the the smoke lessons but is still obvious.

yeah man thats the same problem but my engine isnt stock bought it that way but i hope someone can help us

Have you changed your oil (making sure that you monitor closely how much you put in), then ride for 10 hours or so then change again and measure how much comes back out. Chances are you're eating oil - could be that the rings have rotated in a manner that is allowing oil blowby into the cylinder...


I am going to end up trying rings I guess. I just want to see if anybody else has had luck fixing a similar problem. The oil has been changes several times.

Sounds like a perfect excuse for a 150 kit... :thumbsup:


actually trying clean out the baffle bc i know they get really oiled up if u ride alot just a try and see thing

I just put new valve guides, rings, in my sons 01 due to heavy smoking last season. I also did the standard mods to the airbox, new uni filter, 112.5 & 17.5 jetting, , 1 1/2 turns on the air/fuel, gutted the exaust, but put the baffle back in with the washer trick and cut off the screen tip. After all this, it still smokes. He rode it last weekend in an indoor Mx track, and it seemed to run good, although it was a bugger to start cold. 30 degrees out. Also did the BBR cradle (new version) NO issues installing with stock pipe. Not sure what more I can do without major Money. I do need info on the front rotor. He hit hard and bent it, so now I need a new one. Which ones out there will bolt up to the hub 125L?

I just put new rings in the 125 and it seems to have aliviated the smoke problem Still a little, very little smoke after 15 or so minutes of running, but that is probably burning off extra oil onthe piston/cylinder from installation.


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