I am buying a 05 TE510 tomorrow

I am buying a 2005 TE510 tomorrow is there anything specific to that bike to watch out for?

Thank you

I have both a '05 and '07 TE 510.

There arent any real problems.

Take a look at the flip out battery and see if its been rubbing on the bottom.

Look to see if the bolt broke on the counter sprocket cover.

Note the mud flap for the rear shock, they can rub.

Check also the rear brake line where it does a big U near the frame, can rub.

They are great bikes.

Thank you for the info. Is there a big difference between the 05 and 07? I heard the new head was better on the top end.

not sure of everything different, but saw the internal primary gear ratio is listed as being slightly higher on the 07, so even with same spockets and 1st - 6th ratios, the 05 would be a little lower geared

Other than just a minor jetting thing I'm working out, I've been very happy w/my '05 TE510

Thank you for the info. Have a good one!

We've had zero problems with our 05 TE510 so far. :thumbsup:

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