Scotts front mount

Anybody ever mounted a scotts out front? got any pics? thx, OFG

I've seen mounts like that for CRFs, but never for a Husky. Would be interested in seeing it as well.

The issue I have with these mounts is the frame bracket and linkage. I ran a WER on a bike and the frame bracket kept working loose. Additionally there was so much play in the linkage after a short while there was a good range of movement before the damper did anything. My buddy has one on a KTM200 (WER) and is always having issues with it. I like the mounting but not the issues involved with it.

I have a WER I hate it! It has not been right since day one. I bought it new in the sealed package. It has always had more damoing one way than the other. I sent it in, it came back the same way. I took it apart and done some work inside that really helped it. I run it almost all the way hard. I wish it had high speed damping like the scotts. I got a scotts used, I am gonna fab a bracket and stuff. My weld on tab for the WER should work ok I hope. I will start on it soon. I have got too many things started right now!!!!!!!!! OFG

It has always had more damoing one way than the other.

Oh. I forgot to mention, many of the lower front mounts designs damp more in one direction than the other. It's not the damper but the geometry. Look at the travel of the arm when you sweep it from lock to lock. I bet it is not linear. Your trying to make a parallelogram work through an arc and you wind up with rising rate on side and falling rate on the other.

all the that said i have a wer is the best thing i have done to the te no probs with dampening just confidence and inspiring

And for the record I am in no way bashing WER I'm simply discussing the challenges of this mounting solution.

I forgot to mention, I mounted it in the vise, on the bench. It was harder one way than the other, when it was not even on the bike. I wish I could afford the new motosportz damper, that looks like the way to go! OFG

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