ODO drive gear spacer

I'm installing a Vapor on my bike, want to remove the ODO drive gear so it doesn't fill up with mud and get destroyed. Can anyone tell me who makes a billet or machined ODO drive gear spacer for the 250X? I've seen the Flatland racing unit, but it's 25 bucks, man machined stuff is pricey. Any others out there?

I think its the only one. i got that one.

You could use stock Honda parts: CRF250X Mods

I should have done a search first. I love your site by the way. It is a great 250X resource. Once I did the search and found that I remembered seeing it. It's funny how some guys just have a knack for creating/engineering stuff that works. I wish I had that skill. Very cool stuff.

I could not find prices easily for the 2 pieces. Do you know off hand what they run? I don't want to know what they will cost at the dealer. A freaking spark plug is 20 bucks there.

I'm going to look in my boxes of XR400 leftovers. I have bushings/spacers and am wondering if one may work, then I'll just need the dust cover.

Service Honda prices (looked 'em up just now):

44311-KZ4-J40 - COLLAR, L. FR. WHEEL - 6.83

91201-KS6-004 - OIL SEAL (26X37X7) - 5.85


thumpertalk parts store has the oem section also

Leave the stock one on and cap it.

Leave the stock one on and cap it.

The trail tech came with a cap that fits perfectly, that's my strategy for now. The price is right. :thumbsup:

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