Preparing for a BIG ride around MAY/JUNE

If I make all A's this semester I'm probably going back up to Durhamtown around May or June. This time around I would like to be a bit better prepared for it, not telling when the next time I get to ride will be. This past November when I went, I was definitely out of shape, my riding pants were small, goggle lens scratched, and my butt was so sore I could hardly ride. I would like to go ahead and start planning now because I want to have the best time I can.

I have already started working out so we don't need to discuss that. However, I would like to have some input on other things. I have about 50, max 70 dollars to spend on gear (I already have gloves, goggles, chest protector, we are going to rent boots and a helmet)

I'm planning on buying: Shift Assault(40), MSR Axxis(30) with matching gloves(10) or Four Profile(25). ARC Padded riding shorts for 18 (hopefully will help the sore but and add protection) and maybe ARC Corona Knee Guards for 10 and the replacement lens for about 5. If you have any experience with the pants can you share? Also can you let me know what isn't necessary.

Another thing I would like to know is what day of the week/weekend would be best, along with what if anything I should bring along with me. I'm going to be wearing a Camelback and probably listen to some tunes on my phone while riding depending on the music clarity to how well I can hear surrounding sounds. Sorry for rambling on I just love riding so much and am really anxious and want to try and have the best trip possible, thanks for reading.


How often do you get out to ride?

This past November was the first time in 2 years. I don't have a bike right now, we rent one form Durhamtown and ride there. Although when I had my bike I rode everyday rain or shine:ride:

Also, when I go should I try the track(They have many and beginners tracks too?) I've never been on one before.

There tracks are pretty safe and beginner friendly, pretty fun even for us non-mx guys.

Yeah the Swamp MX track is a good one for gaining confidence.

How many people think MX is more fun than Trails?

EDIT: Found this video, this track looks pretty fun and simple:

, are bikes allowed on it?

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