Best street conversion

for what i want to do im thinking sm bikes are the closest working examples i have to work from.. all ill be using is the motor / frame and swingarm.. building a super single.. i was thinking wr450f or crf450x , klx450r.. are there any advantages of one of them over the others .. HP or maintenance?

im leaning towards honda at this point..

I did the wr because It's known to have longer lasting valve train then the honda.

I agree with tweav with the valve train go yamaha

For street fighter IMO KTM !look for a left over smr theyre out there cheep!

lots of KTM production parts for this conversion!

Its also easier on the DMV !

Thank any special year ktm smr? or what year yamaha?

if you are worried at all about maintenance, don't go ktm. that is ktm's downfall. they do make great power, but at the cost of pounding through the valvetrain

With out a dout, there is pros and cons to every color bike outthere.

Yamaha, you just gota go with the aluminum 07 wr!

KTM smr any year no real big changes in production for those few years 450, 525, 560! (with no shim under bucket!)

Honda any year x at least there are little better on the valves train than its bro the r (x is not titanium valves!)

thnx .. im leaning towards the honda

450r or x?.......650?

The CRF450x has Ti intake valves and stainless steel exhaust valves. However you can pop some SS valves in from a TRX450 or get some Kibblewhites for < $75 bucks, either way you get better durability than Ti.

For Hondas, especially ones that will see street use, Ron Hamp also highly rcommends a different cam profile. When I was debating going with a honda for my street legal conversion I spoke with Ron about the Honda valve train issues. He told me one of the reasons the Hondas are so hard on the valves is that the cam profile makes the valves slam open and shut causing quick wear. A cam profile that more gradually opens and closes the valves will greatly aid in the valvetrain reliability. Of course it still won't be as reliable as a Yamaha.

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