Defective cam on new bike

I just picked up a new 07 crf250r yesterday and sure enough the damn thing wouldn't start. Tried everything. So today I called the dealer I bought it from and they told me to bring it in. It turns out the cam was defective and ruined the valves, so they are switching it out for a new one. Any one heard of this happening?

No, but I'm glad to hear they are taking care of the problem. Hope you have better luck with the second one.

That is super weird, usually its a matter of bad jetting and sometimes bad valve clearance.

The mechanic at the dealer said that the actual cam gear was off by 2 teeth thus the timing was off and boom bent valves. They gave me a new bike so everything is cool and I must say I love the honda. Just got back from my first ride on it.

thats funny you got it they prep the bike for you......Ive never heard of a shop that didnt run the motor before the customer took it home

Yeah the dealers that we have bought 3 250fs from always run them.

In fact one time I was there with my dad who was buying his bike. After doing all the paper stuff, we go outside to back the truck up to the garage area to take the bike home. We hear a bike start up, immediately goes to WOT for about 30 seconds. Then they shut the bike off and hand it over to us. :thumbsup:

We get it home and my dad starts it up and it smoked the whole time it was running. We take it back to the dealer and they give us another bike. Didn't smoke when running, but it always blew out a puff when you first started it. Turned out to be bad valveguide seals, most likely from the dealer treating the bike like crap.

what does WOT mean???

wide open took me a second too

oh i see, dam i would of just slapped them for treating my new bike like that

seems your bike was made on a monday after an honda personel party lol

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