Timber MT. Harescramble


Come support the MRA!

They put on excellent events, and fight for our right to ride on public lands!

Unless i'm at the dunes ill be there!!!

Going to run the Evo/vintage class on Saturday. :thumbsup:

Weather looks good for the event!:thumbsup:

200A class right here :thumbsup:. Should be a great event!

FW (7F) will be there too. ...just got the last of Starvation Ridge washed off my moto today. That stuff would make great mortar. At least, I had a heck of a time getting it off lil'smokey.

Time to change rubber and check some joints. (And hook up the siren).

I'll be out to give it a try both days in sportsman class. Second race ever, 1 year to the day from the day I bought my first dirt bike. How can I resist? Wave at the old fat slow guy as you go by!


We'll be on our vintage bikes for the race ..... :thumbsup:

Cool! You'll still pass me....

I broke the bike tonight, but we'll find some way to be there, even if I have to ride the 150....


I'll post a picture of some of the course later tonight of tomorrow.

some pics....





Looks like fun! Thanks for all your efforts getting it ready for us.


Did anybody go?

It was freakin' awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Singletrack, steep hills, perfect dirt, mud, sun, snow, a little of EVERYTHING!

And my ass is beat!

Great job MRA!

My TT500 was one heavy SOB to be running that terrian! :ride: But it was fun!:thumbsup:

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