07 DRZ400SM Jetting

I have 07 DRZ400SM. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm getting ready to put the Yosh RS2 exhaust system on, 3x3 air box mod, K&N air filter, and the James Dean Jet kit. What jets do I put in the carb? Thanks

When you get the kit, James Dean has spent considerable time writing very clear instructions. You will find it a breeze. Hopefully, you also ordered the allen bolt kit for the float bowel and an Kientech extended fuel screw.

Thanks for the info. Will the kit also tell me what to do for needle clip location and fuel screw adjustment? Thanks

Just found out, the JD kits now include the allen bolts, but confirm this when ordering the kit.

The kits have terrific instructions. Just follow them exactly.

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