frame all done

Just got done put n her back together. I painted my 04 rm250 frame black, and she looks great. I sandblasted the frame first, then painted it with dupli-color truck bed coating.Has a little texture to it, and seems very durable. Wanted to powdercoat it but, my buddie had it done. It didnt seam to last, and it pealed bad. No pics yet,will get some on asap.

where in wisconsin are you from, im in the wisconsin rapids area

just south of madison, u ride at arkansawmx at all?

get some pics!@

no not yet, workn on that.

get some pics!@

Yea, what he said.

Don't forget ThumperTalk rule #105.7662. Found in chapter 3, page 5, paragraph 2, line item #7. :eek:

And I quote:

"Any graphic upgrade or improvement to any said bike cannot be consider an improvement unless a picture is posted backing up said claim". :D

So there it is!, and where's your picture?? :thumbsup:

Clearly, you should have known. :ride:

never heard of arkansawmx, dericuse, blackriver falls, and neillsville are all i can think of.

I knew someone who painted their KZ with black Rhino liner and it held up real good. That stuff you have must be similar.

The Arkansaw track is great!

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