rear armswing lubrication

when i get my pister in should i grease or lubricate the rear armsing bearings and if so the only thing i got is wd 40

the berings are sealed..but the axel is good to hit with grease

never use WD-40 to lubricate anything on a attracts dirt and dust

use a white spray grease lube (in a can)

You definitely, definitely need to get some good grease (I like belray, available at any motorcycle shop) and you have to grease the steering bearings. Every one I have seen is almost dry.

Like Precision said, the swingarm bearings are rubber sealed and don't need to be greased. And definitely don't think wd40 is a lubricant. I do use it to drive out water from pivot points after I wash the bike, but I wipe it all off and grease anything that needs it.

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