Cooling Fan XR650R

The DRZ400 fan does not fit if you have the Clarke 4.3Ga. tank (tried it) It will rub on the tank and/or on the rad... your choice.

I've been running cool due to other mods made, but if I were to use a fan, the KTM will be it.

About computer fans... I would not recomend them for many, many reasons.

Flow, head loss, vibration, heat, (when at back) dirt. BTW, I never tried one.

you cant really "Jet to run cool" you have to jet accordingly to normal operating circumstances and not to sitting in traffic idling. Besides you would have to make it so rich that it wouldnt run for crap to have it run cool and it still wouldnt work. My fan from my cbr is all plastic and they are proven to work great so it doesnt have to be aluminum either, across a radiator thats about 18" wide and 12" tall its only a 6" circular fan and will drop 10 degrees in no time.

Yeah, a fan from a bike will work much better than a computer fan. The plastic computer fans with bushings will not work, that is what I was referring to.

Regarding jetting: I can let my bike sit and idle for ever, and it will not boil over. I've had it idle for 20 min. Now, if I were crawling up a hill for 20 minutes, that would be different! Stock jetting is no good for sitting still.

I like that Italian set up, it's clean.

orsoxr-that is nice work. Did you make the bracket yourself?

(Lei ha fatto il supporto del ventilatore?) Sorry, my Italian is not too good, either.)


:thumbsup::eek: yesssssss

orsoxr gave a link to the Italian Spal fans site. Just so you all know, they're popular here too and even have a motorcycle/atv line. They're not dirt cheap, but they do have a good reputation.

:thumbsup::eek::D this is ,the fan , for xr 650 r :ride::lol::ride:immagine060zb4.jpg

That model is available in the US as well. Spal also has mounting rods to mount the fan directly to the radiator core, but that makes me uneasy.

Yeah, I would highly recommend against using the mounts that go through the radiator core. Their use is frowned upon in cars, let alone a high vibration dirtbike.

Just about anything could be made to work but fans designed for bike use are much better sealed. The aftermarket units mentioned are another great alternative. The comments about interfearence with the tank and or sides are valid. I choose to mount my fan with the shroud removed from it for this reason also. The guard around the fan helps guard agains things hitting the fan but where mine is located that's not a problem. This also aid in making the fan alot smaller where space is tight. Make sure however you mount it so that nothing contacts the rad fins. The fan has to be fairly close to it to get air to pull through the rad though. Which ever way you decide to do it, not having to worry about boiling over when the going gets slow makes it well worth it if you've ever had this problem. Time or money well spent.

Here's my fan:


Wasn't cheap, came to about 100 pounds. $200. What the hell, I have no kids to get through college.

Especially designed for the 650.


Nice snug fit. Since moved that earth wire. I think the radiator is rubber mounted ! Earthed to the frame now.



I'm loving those matching switches.

Now I don't have to try to cool the bike down by riding quick through slow moving traffic.

All in all 100 quid well spent.:thumbsup:

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