Moto LED - Is this right or a problem?

Added Moto LED 602 blinkers to front & back, together with Edge II tail light. Also installed a UFO 55/60w headlight. With the headlight connected (lit) and bike running the blinkers blink so quickly they are almost continuously lit. With the headlight disconnected, the blinkers work much better. They do flash quicker than a stock blinker (which other posts have indicated is expected), and are no where near continuously lit. With the key on and bike not running, the blinkers are dimly lit and do not flash. Tail light and brake light are working fine, as does everything else.

This is last step in my moving an E to an S frame, using S harness and controls. So I don't have any experience with this on bike in stock form.

Will the resistor addition take care of this or there some other issue here? Thanks!

Resistors or a relay should bring the blink rate back to a normal level.

Replace the relay with an electronic unit that is not load sensitive or add resistors to increase the load back to near where it was with the stock signals.

Thanks guys. Added 10 ohm 10W resistors. Took it from disfunctional to a blink that is faster than stock but acceptable.

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