Rob Maddison Dec 31st Vegas Jump

Sorry don't have the footage, looking for:

Robbie Maddison's world-record 98m jump on New Year's Eve over a football field. Apparently, he hit the take-off ramp at 94 mph !!!! UNFEEKINGBELIEVABLE !!!

ANYONE have a link, or footage of this feat ?


Check out the links at the bottom of the page.

Check out the links at the bottom of the page.

Sorry dude. Page? Links? Bottom? Has the video been posted already? Surprised if it hasn't. Couldn't find it though. Help. My bad. Cheers.

Wow that was a hell of a jump. My bike mag says he was riding a CR450!!

They must have that wrong. They don't make a two stroke 450, do they ?

Surely it was a CR500AF???

yep, it was a CR500AF.

I dont know how much of it was a CR500AF when they got finished with it. It looked like almost a entire custom bike.

that was the best thing I ever saw!!!!!:thumbsup:

Robby is going for 400 at the end of the month. The Crusty tour is in Australia right now and i believe that's where he said he was going to do it.

Someone has already beat his 320ft jump(from robby's mouth) so after hitting 350+ in practice for new the years show,he is sure he can hit 400 with a small angle change in the ramp.

I have no idea if this will be televised in any way but i will keep checking.

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