rainbow fall 3/8/08

any one been to rainbow falls to ride lately. if so is it completely snowed in or is it ok for a couple of trx 400s

I would be curious also to know what Rainbow falls is like right now. Thinking of taking the ATVs down there from Denver tomorrow.

Anyone been to Rainbow or 717 in the last week or so?

+1 would like to know also

Rampart is next door and I just got this today

Well over 100 inches of snow has fallen on the Rampart Range this

winter, with over a foot of new snow in the last week. So far the

temperatures have remained cold enough that the snow has been melting

slowly. However, if the temperatures start to get warmer causing the

snow to melt faster, things will get messy very fast.

If this happens, there is a good chance that the Rampart Range OHV

Recreation Area will be temporarily closed to motor vehicles to

protect the trails and roads from unnecessary damage.

Because there is a good possibility for this special closure in the

coming weeks, it is recommended that you contact the South Platte

Ranger District Office at, 303-275-5610, before taking a trip all the

way to the Rampart, only to find that the area is temporarily closed.

Also, please remember to Tread Lightly at all times, but, especially

now that the conditions are soft and especially vulnerable to being


Ron Vigil, OHV Program Manager

South Platte Ranger District

thanks for the update on Rampart Range...is this basically "DITTO" for Rainbow Falls?

We rode Rainbow falls on two Warriors on 3/26. It was wet, snow and icein the shade. Not bad for ATVs. Should be real nice in the next week or two.

lots of mud and still snow and ice in the shadey areas. If you can, you should wait until the last week of april.I know ever year they say they might close down rr until the ground dries up. but this year they are really doing it. glad rabbit valley opened up. quads are 2x the damage

Lots of mud and snow?? NOT! I was just there yesterday. Its went and there is snow and some ice in the shade, but not lots. Rainbow falls is not consider rampart anyways, it never closes.

Where did you hear Rampart was closing until end of April?? I am on a mailing list from the Pike national forest rangers, and they have not sent anything out say such yet. Unless I missed it somehow...

Hello I never said lots of snow. So take your NOT off. and the ground is either frozen if you go up early enough or mud when quads or bikes ride through it. 717 stills have snow and lots of ice. as of last week. Im only staying about 10 mins from rr and will give a current update as of last weekend it was muddy and in the shady areas ice or snow up. They closed rabbit valley up because the snow fall this year made it a mud fest for awhile. so they closed until the ground can take some the water in. and no motorized vech unitl posted. its open and the trails are not messed up from people wanting to go mudd bogging. I just dont want nothing like that to happen to rr or 717

how do you get to trail 717

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