color on aftermarket tank?

I've got a 650l that has a white aftermarket tank on it. Is there any product that will color the tank that won't bleed from fuel fumes? Sorry if this has already been covered and I missed it. Buz:excuseme:

I saw a post on here recently in which someone used dye to colour their tank black. I think it was a stock YZ tank, so presuming tanks are made from the same plastic, I'd say you could go that way if you can find the post.

^^^^ I know when I was into R/C cars I used Rit dye, as mentioned in the previous thread, to dye plastic pieces. I know it worked well on them and don't know why it wouldn't do the same for a tank.

...after reading the dying technique described in the link above it's got me wondering if a hot (boiling) solution of ether Oxi-Clean or bleach (might be too strong and degrade plastic) might work to remove yellow gas staining on white plastic tanks??? :thumbsup:


Hey thanks, that was an awesome post!! Now lets see....side covers and fenders..........buz

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