Denver Area??

Hey. I am thinking of moving to the denver area. I jsut cant stand the below 0 weather around here and lack of indoor tracks. I hate to be off the bike. I am wondering what the MX scene is like out there. Local/statewide tracks, district website, track websites, any indoor, how long is the season and how is the weather in the winter? Any local forums?


Check out W2R. there are 5 or 6 different tracks and lots of trails within an hour or so of Denver. Dec/Jan are kind of sketchy, but the rest of the year offers pretty consistent riding conditions.

yamahonda is right on. Lots of racing to be done in the area and a fair ammount of tracks. Check out the 2008 Race flyers section for an idea of some of the racing thats avalible.

What part of ND are you from?

Im in Fargo ND. Right on the eastern border in the valley... ND just started a Supermoto series and i wanna try that out too. SM looks like a ton of fun. Is there much around denver for SM and how hard is it to get a bike plated if its plated in ND?

I don't know if you like fishing our not but you are going to want to go back for that. The fishing here does not compare to up there. I have not really been around too much SM here but I know that there are a few tracks and a racing series for it.

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