650r lowering link

Looking for a link to lower 650r any leads would be great.



I had a Kouba link on my drz 400.Hated what it did to the handling. And overall made the suspension real soft even when the spring preload was set at 3 inches. That was on a revalved shock too.

The handling might of been better if i were able to push the forks up higher (the bars were in the way),on the R if you still have the stock clamp i think the forks can clear the bars.I run applied racing clamp that puts the bars over the forks.

I have a Kouba link on my '06 XR650L and I love it, no handling issues whatsoever. I just followed the install instructions and pushed my fork tubes up an inch in the triple clamps which pretty much restores the stock steering geometry. I also found Kouba Link excellent to deal with. My link was shipped the same day it was ordered and I had it within three days (I'm in Northern Canada). The only thing I ended up doing that wasn't in the instructions, was cutting an inch out of my stock kickstand and rewelding it to restore the stock lean angle when on the kickstand. :thumbsup::eek::D


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