Going to sell Excel Motard wheels what are they worth??

Sold!! Lol

prolly 350.00 to 500.00

used wheels are hard to get rid of

and does your wife know you took her curtains?

what you are up against is the fact that nobody runs a 4.25 rear wheel anymore. even the 250s run 5" wheel and the pros will run a 170 on the rear. I'm also assuming since you didn't mention it that both rims are 17". again, most racers run a 16.5" front.

So, your target market is going to be somebody with a street legal 450x or something like that. You might get an offer of around $500.00 as previously said, but honestly, if somebody offers you money, let them have'em. I would say be happy with $300.00 if you get offered. That's a pretty good deal for somebody who can use them for a street application.

If you can't sell them, put them on your bike, sell the bike, and get a new CRF450!!!

i may be very interested in these, pm me a shipped price to 53558

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