First ride with new SRC fork brace

I got a new in the package SRC fork brace in a box of parts on Ebay for $51. I put it on before my ride today, and it makes a difference. The first 30 minutes, my bike felt twitchy, or so I thought. It wasn't that it was twitchy, it was just much more responsive to input from the bars than before.

It's nice to have, but I'm not sure I'd need it if I had to pay full price for it. My riding style is pretty casual. If I was riding at a quicker pace, I can see really needing it. The price was right, so I'll be keeping it. :thumbsup:

I had an issue installing it. I bought some Moose Racing ForkSkins to protect the forks, since the stock accordian protectors have to be removed. They sell them in two sizes, for 34-43mm forks, and for 44-50mm forks. I tried the 34-43mm but they were so tight I couldn't stretch them over the bottom of the fork leg and under the brace. I took them back and got the 44-50mm, they fit perfect and they work really well.

You got a smokin deal on that brace. They are great, but are definitely a pain to get the forks skins to work with. I had a different brand and I cannot remember the name of it now, but It did not have the rubber seals that the SRC has. It was harder than the SRC for me to get skins to work with. You'll find that brace to be great if you get in some rut filled areas. It's nice to turn out of if and not have your forks flex and keep you in the rut.

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